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In the Memory of Zubin Basu

Art is a part of our culture. It is the expression of our creative ideas and imagination. They are able to put their imagination and ideas into something tangible and the gift of representing true art is always God-Gifted.

Such a man was Zubin Basu. A man of many Talents, He graduated from Government Art College, Kolkata and attained his masters from the famous Rabindra Bharti University. Along with an excellent student, he was an amazing artist, singer, musician, and photographer. From a young age, he had taken interest in the world of arts, music, and literature and with the years cultivated his life and career around those fields.

His handiwork was one to behold and his voice was one with the heavens. He lived his life in the only way he could imagine, with a big smile, involved, interested and thoroughly loving every minute of it. But at the tender age of 23, he lost his life in the battle with Adult-Onset Still’s Disease.

As a philanthropist by heart, he donated his body to the welfare of the people and now, his eyes have given light to a man’s life. He wanted to see India’s culture reaching millions across the world and the young talent coming to light. It is in this spirit that we have established this award in Zubin’s memory. This award is intended for those individuals whose choices and passions reflect those of Zubin Basu. The award rewards those individuals who have the potential and skills for achieving greatness in the field of arts and crafts.

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