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Community Education Awareness Drive

As we move forward with the goal of #Education4All, awareness becomes an essential agent in pushing the message. Raising Awareness is one of the most significant tasks as an NGO in the region.

So last week we took to the streets of Jagatpura village and went door to door inquiring about the education status of the kids in the households. We found the majority of the new children in these houses are not enrolled in any form of formal education.

The majority of these households have 2 issues, either they have just relocated from their villages in search of work and hence did not invest time or resources in enrolling their kids in local schools. So Vriddhi Team Members discussed these issues with their parents and pushed them towards enrolling their children in any form of formal education or approach Vriddhi in case they are unable to do so on their own.

The second cause of the high number of unenrolled children was the lack of necessary governmental documents. This has been a long-time issue in the area, so we already have a full proof system in place to enroll these students in the schools.

Along with us, we also took our already enrolled students to motivate the children and their parents, to make them feel a sense of the pride in seeing a uniform. Motivation is a very key aspect that the people of these areas need to send their kids to schools or for formal education.

This Drive is one of many we will take to ensure that each kid in the Jagatpura region is enrolled in any form of formal education and receive the social standard they need.

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